Using the Carousel Feature to Boost Instagram Engagement

What do you post most often: photos or videos? Videos bring in a lot of engagement for social media accounts, but they can be expensive and time consuming to create for daily content. Second to videos, the most engaging content you can create is by using the carousel feature on Instagram and Facebook. Here’s what you need to know about this feature and how to use it to boost your engagement.

What is a Carousel?

A carousel post is when you post multiple images onto Instagram. Instead of creating a collage like on Facebook, on Instagram you choose which photo will be the cover or first image seen. Then you can choose up to 9 more images to showcase. The additional photos follow behind the cover image. For users to see the rest of the images, they have to swipe. This allows for you to have a post that features multiple photos, bullet points, and graphics! Here is a creative way you could use a carousel post.

Let’s use the example of a company holiday party. Instead of filling your feed with multiple photos from one event and cluttering up your profile feed, carousels help keep your profile clean and organized. Although a carousel has multiple photos, it only takes up one block on your 3×3 profile design. The main photo could be a wide shot of the venue accompanied by caption that reads, “swipe to see what happened at our party”. Using the action word “swipe” leads your viewers to then swipe and see the other photos you post as part of the carousel such as detail shots of your employees enjoying the party, food, and games.

How Carousel Increases Engagement

Instagram looks at more than just who double-clicked and liked your post. Engagement also includes how long a viewer spends looking at your post. This is why a good caption is important; something captivating will keep viewers focused on your post for a longer time. Using carousel to display photos will definitely add to how long someone is engaging with your content.

Carousel also works great with stories. Ten photos can be a lot to incorporate into a story. But you can select any photos from your carousel and click the little arrow at the bottom of the post to share them to your story. This makes your post viewable for 24 hours at the top of the feed. This is a great way to remind your viewers to check out your latest post, or it can be used to highlight an older post that may not have received much attention.

You can share any post to your story, but carousel images work best because it’s not a single image. You want your followers to see your story and click on it to bring them to the original post in your feed where they can then comment and like.

Facebook Carousel

Facebook has a carousel option as well but it is available only for ads. You need to set up a Facebook page for your agency before you can create a carousel ad. You may have noticed Facebook ads where you see a few photos and have click to see the next few ads. These ads work great for sharing multiple types of products, showcasing features, and getting users to engage. The idea of these ads, however, is more for driving traffic to your site, gaining leads and clicks, or making sales.

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