Checking In On Resolutions

About two months ago, you and almost everyone else set out to create goals to hit for this year. By February, you might have begun to notice that you and maybe those around you have thrown in the towel. Most people tend to only think about their goals at the start and end of the year. However, if you don’t make time to evaluate your goals, then you are not likely to achieve them or push past them to something better.

Luckily, this is the perfect time to set yourself up for success and achieve those resolutions. To start, you need to look at these past months. Do you like the things you are changing? Does your goal feel right? By now you should be able to tell how realistic your goal may be for the full year. You may have to bump that sales goal down or bump it up. Try to figure out how practical the resolution is and start to change your plan so that you can push your goal into reality.

The past few months have given you a lot of time to look back and prepare for the coming months. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not reaching all your goals at this point, but really think about how you can push yourself to succeed.

Take time to reflect and prepare for the months ahead. Stretch yourself to find that goal that is achievable but will also push you above and beyond. Reaching that flow state of mind is going to be a challenge all on its own. Do not get discouraged. You want to be able to embrace success and learn from failure. Frequently, failure puts up a wall and will block our motivation to carry on, but this is the time that you need to push through and tell yourself that your goals are worth the hard work needed to achieve them. By doing so, you will grow as both an agent and a person.

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