Cleanup Your Facebook Page Just in Time for 2019

3 Ways to Tune up Your Insurance Agency’s Facebook Page

Facebook Changes

You’re not the only one with declining interactions on your Facebook Business page. Facebook has been making more changes this year than any of the other social media giants. With the pressure to remove an overflow of ads and fake news, Facebook has been working hard to change its algorithms. A major change is fewer spots for ads in the newsfeed, which has increased competition for businesses paying more to be in those limited places.

New Features on Facebook

Earlier in the year, Facebook announced the importance of meaningful interactions, meaning organic likes and shares will be the most powerful way to get your posts seen. Throughout the year, we’ve also seen the growth in the use of Stories. Facebook is now competing with Instagram and Snapchat with a 24-hour stories option. Stories appear at the top of the app, and users can click on them to view highlights of posts, videos, and photos. So far, Stories are strictly organic and cannot be boosted to appear in front of other stories. They appear chronologically.


Star ratings are out, and recommendations are in. Star reviews can be misleading. Sometimes companies create an incentive for people to post good reviews, and an unhappy client may leave an overly exaggerated negative rating and review. Recommendations allow users to leave a message of limited length on the page explaining whether or not they recommend that page.


Actions are another new update that Facebook has been rolling out lately. You can add buttons to your page to encourage more engagement. We’ve seen the URL for your website and a number to call. New buttons include request a quote, book a service, learn more, and shop now. Add a button to your page that will encourage followers to send you a message about your services.

Keep these new features in mind when updating your business page. If putting money into ads isn’t doing much anymore, make sure everything is up to date and start implementing Facebook’s newest features.

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