Collection Management Checklist

MiniCo - ChecklistThere seems to be no limit to the types of items that can be treasured and kept in a valued collection. The individuals who prize these collections are dedicated and passionate.

MiniCo now offers a resource center for independent agents and serious collectors that includes a variety of informational resources to help preserve and protect these treasured collections. In particular, agents may wish to direct their clients to the “Collection Management Checklist” brochure that includes important information about documenting, researching and tracking private collections. The brochure also includes a checklist for compiling essential data about each piece in a collection.

Insurance for Serious Collectors

MiniCo Collectibles Insurance provides all-risk coverage for private collections in a home or storage facility. Collections are insured for their full collectible value, and no appraisal is required at the time of application. Direct billing and agency billing options are available, and agents may indicate their preference when binding coverage in the online agent portal.

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