Common Mistakes You Could Be Making on Instagram

If you or your insurance agency are working out a strategy for Instagram, these are a few pitfalls to avoid.

Buying Followers

Buying followers may seem like an inexpensive way to suddenly add a lot of social proof to your account, but it can take away a large portion of your agency’s validity. The reason for making your account in the first place is to bring in an audience of real fans who want to engage with your services. Purchased followers won’t yield the same results, plus these accounts may post inappropriate content that you may not want associated with your company.


You can use more hashtags on Instagram than other networks, with the average use being anywhere from 2-7 on a post. However, you still want to create effective captions that represent the image well. You can even post relevant tags into a comment on the post, as opposed to directly in the caption. Keep your tags relevant to your posting and always examine your target market to identify where they’re searching and what they’re tagging. 


People do not like to be bombarded by promotional material. This is a common theme on any social platform. On Instagram in particular, it is important to have a consistent aesthetic with your posts. A sudden array of promotional content can disrupt this style and ruin the visual appeal of your account. However, there are workarounds for this type of content. If you run a promotional event that you post about frequently, go back and delete these posts after the event is over. Instagram is essentially a visual portfolio of you agency, so it doesn’t really make sense for people to be able to scroll back and see information about an event or offer that has already passed.

Basic Account Issues

While most of these basic issues should have been taken care of during the creation of your account, there might be something you missed or simply forgot about. The number one thing is to make sure your account is not in private mode. In private mode, you have to approve all of your followers and no one outside of these followers will be able to see your posts. All those hashtags you’re using will be pointless as your content will be blocked from the general public. Sometimes while working on setting up an Instagram account you may lock your account this way to run a few tests to see how everything looks. Just remember to change this when you are ready to actually start using the platform.

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