Why You Should Connect With Other Insurance Agents

Sometimes we can run into a problem of alienating ourselves in our businesses. Especially if you are an independent insurance agent –it can seem that everyone is competing with you.

Here are some ways to start reaching out: 


A lot of referrals can come from another agent’s client list. It’s essential to remember that not every agent sells the same types of policies. If you offer a specialty coverage, like self-storage coverage, it’s possible for another agent to reach out to you especially if you have done the same for them. Make friends with people in different insurance industries. It’s a give and take, so make sure you are providing each other with service and grow your referral contacts together.

Social Media

When you make connection with someone, especially on the web, you may be boosting each other by retweeting or liking each other’s updates. While you might want to avoid doing this with your local competitor, if there is valuable information coming from someone from a different state, sharing won’t infringe on your local clientele. Remember that the content does not necessarily need to come from another insurance agent. Look at your industry magazine publishers and other local businesses, and try to offer some tie back to your services when you are reposting. You never know what kind of connections you could make, or what connections you can make for other businesses. 

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