Content Creation Strategy for Insurance

Once you’ve decided you want to offer content on your company site, you have to start exploring what you are going to post. While you want rich SEO you also want organic, well-written, and valuable content. Your content should provide an actual service to your readers. It’s not just writing a constant commercial blast. You need to come up with a content creation strategy.


Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes and just list as many topics that you can think of. There is no wrong answer write down every idea.

When the timer finishes, that’s it. You are done. You can spend all day brainstorming, but you should already have more than enough ideas written down. Now, you need to review, reduce and find your best content.

Scan your list and begin crossing out inappropriate topics. Grab a highlighter or just circle 4 or 5 ideas that really shine.

Begin Your Research

Begin by researching to find out what has already been said on the topic. If you want to write a post about how wine value is calculated for your collectible market, make sure you know the answer. Find relevant research and add to the post’s validity by including a link to the research or another article.

Content Creation

Once you’ve built the research for your content, it’s important to think about what kind of content will suit your idea best. Does it call for a full blog post? Should you make an informatics image? Would it be better suited as a video?

These are questions you have to ask yourself before you start building the content. Not everything is appropriate for a blog post.

Add your ideas into an editorial calendar  and start creating! Remember to review your content before posting, refine it and make it shine, and share it on your social networks once it’s up. By staying consistent with your scheduling and creating valuable content, you’ll be able to start creating a community around your work and increase your company’s presence.


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