The Secret Ingredient to Content Curation

Sharing is caring, and sometimes it’s a secret ingredient in content curation. Sharing information that you have learned from others is just one of the ways you can demonstrate your industry knowledge. Piling up all your information and creatively giving it back to the community is a great way to create more content and have your audience view you as an expert.

Share What You Learn

Sharing information is not cheating when it comes to content curation. We see it all the time in person and on the internet. No one has the time to put out only self-made content every day. With all the different social media outlets and tools available, it can be easy to be creative and just as easy to become overwhelmed. Take a break with your posting and share something to your audience that you found interesting.


Get out there and grow. Show your followers that you are actively involved in your community whether it is locally or professionally. You can post about things you are doing around your neighborhood or create a blog or a livestream from a conference you recently attended. Your followers are human. They don’t want to see just business posts all the time. Let them get to know you on a more personal level. Doing so will help you connect with them and grow your network. Don’t be afraid to send a direct message to your followers and say hello. If you want them to get to know you, then you need to get to know them.

Show Off

It’s okay to show off what you know. Provide your audience with knowledge that lets them feel connected, up to date, and informed with what’s happening in the industry. This can encourage them to share your content to a broader audience.

Before deciding what to post, ask yourself three questions. Would I share this information? Is this coming from a good source? What’s the tone of the message? Use the answers to those questions to decide what you are going to post and how you will post it. If you’re creative, you can take one post and develop it into three different blogs. When it comes to content curation, don’t be afraid to get creative.

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