What Is Content Marketing for Insurance?

Every day Americans are inundated with marketing messages. From the moment we wake up to the sound of the alarm clock, the first thing we see is the name of the manufacturer.

In the past few years, however, marketing has taken a softer approach, a method of marketing that is so much more low-key as to be practically undetectable as marketing. Some might call it branded media. Others might call it brand publishing. But whatever it is called, content marketing has the potential to captivate even insurance market audiences with its valuable added material.

It’s Nothing New

Content marketing isn’t new. In fact, it has probably been used since before Jello used it by distributing its free gelatin cookbooks to customers in their effort to sell their products to homemakers across the country! But with each generation, more marketers are discovering the hidden power of content to reach a clearly defined audience.

Consumers Have Tuned Out Ads

Content marketing’s popularity has resulted in part from what many believe are consumers who have turned off traditional marketing. A good case in point for this belief was the growing use of DVRs, which allow television viewers to move past commercials to watch the programmed content only. Even banners and other ads on the Internet are being ignored in favor of content. Content marketing has become a phenomenon that goes right to the sale, whether the consumer knows it or not.

The Soft Sell

You might call content marketing a “soft sell” approach; however, others might argue that there’s simply no selling at all in the method since it’s only approaching customers with the offer to make them more intelligent. The result, the theory goes, is that with a better-educated audience, the “sale” results after the only natural solution to the information presented.

How To Create Content For Insurance

Creating content for your insurance agency may seem like a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. The beauty is that you already know the subject matter inside and out. So just think of the most common issues and questions that your customers have and create resources, guides and blog posts around those concerns. Be sure to put a basic editorial calendar together to help you stay organized and consistent. It’s easy to begin with 300-word blog posts. Content can also include videos and shorter posts. Finally, make sure your content is discoverable and sharable by posting it to social media and also by sending it as email.

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