Improve Your SEO with Good Content

You could have the best running and best looking website and still have it not ranking high on Google. It’s easy to get carried away with the technical side of running a website, but tech issues aren’t always to blame for poor or stagnant SEO. Without effective and relatable content, no one will be eager to stay on your site or make a return visit.  Updating your website with engaging content can draw in more users, increase the time they spend on your site, and improve your overall SEO. Here are a few changes you can make to improve your content.

Provide Useful Information

It’s one thing to have users coming to your site to read up on policies and agency updates. However, your site could be offering more. Do you provide industry-related news, tips, or press releases? Providing extra content that your users may be interested in is also a good way to keep users on your site longer. Google generally ranks sites higher that have users who stay on pages longer.

Allow Your Site to be Interactive

Your users can do more than just read things on your website if you provide them with interactive tools. Consider adding a page for people to drop reviews or a comment section beneath blog posts. This gives your users a way to engage with your content on a deeper level. Don’t forget to provide share buttons so they can easily share your content to their social channels.

Website Tech

Remember that the analytic side of running your website isn’t always the reason for poor traffic to your site or low SEO ranking. It’s always good to double-check everything once in a while. However, even experienced web developers can overlook content by focusing too much on the back–end tech side of the website. How are your users enjoying using your website? Test out buttons and forms and make sure everything is still running smoothly. Try not to make too many changes onto your website. If the interface changes constantly, your users may begin to feel like they are coming to new website every time they visit.

Your website is not only about your agency; it’s also about the user. Your website needs to provide answers to the reasons why the user clicked on your page in the first place. Keeping your site relevant and full of fresh content that encourages user interaction should improve your SEO results. Get ranked higher by providing the quality content your users are looking for.

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