Coverages in Action: Optional Coverages for Self-Storage Risks

MiniCo Insuance RiskSelf-storage businesses need property and liability coverage, but there are many optional and specialty coverages available that can offer valuable protection. You may have heard about coverages such as customers goods legal liability, sale and disposal liability, limited pollutant removal, and others, but do you understand what they cover and how they may protect a self-storage business owner from costly insurance claims and lawsuits?

Optional Coverages for Self-Storage Risks

MiniCo has prepared a brochure explaining the following optional coverages:

  • Customers Goods Legal Liability
  • Sale and Disposal Liability
  • Limited Pollutant Removal
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Data Compromise
  • Employee Resident Manager’s Personal Liability

The “Coverages in Action” brochure provides a brief summary of the coverage provided along with a detailed example of how the coverage may apply in a real-life situation at a self-storage facility. It offers valuable information and can be a useful tool in conversations between an insurance agent and his or her client about potential exposures that may need to be addressed.

Download Brochure

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