Crafting Insurance Blogs

When you are an insurance agent, the job is never done. Marketing needs to find a place in your day-to-day work flow. Blogging is just one of the many great tools available for you and your agency to assist with your marketing efforts. Not to mention your blogs can be a constant stream of traffic to your website and can help you enhance your social media game by providing pre-existing links to content.  

Maybe you’ve hit a slump on topic ideas. Below are a few jumping off points to help you start creating more useful content for your site. Remember to always think about what your readers want to see and know. You’ll want to find creative ways to keep them interested in your blog now more than ever as so many other blogs, social media updates, videos, and other media are competing for their attention.

Specialty Coverage

If you offer niche insurance, this is a great topic for a blog post. For instance, if you offer collectible insurance, you have a nearly endless amount of content to be able to write about. You could highlight customers’ collections, talk about preservation techniques, or even educate people on what a collection is since they might not have thought of their valuables in that way before.

A Day in the Life of an Insurance Agent

Day-in-the-life blogs are quite popular, but can still be very effective. They are a great way to add a personal touch to your business. As long as you seem genuine and friendly, it can really help boost people’s perception of you. You can focus on your local community, your weekly stories from the road or even thanking existing clients in these types of postings.

Modern Postings

Gone are the days when blog posts had to just be formal text. You can be more personal with your online marketing now, and you do not even need all of your posts to be written. It is great to keep writing to help your SEO, but videos, infographics, and even Slideshares can be interesting posts that break up the sameness of your blog. Small video tours of your office space or your latest video testimonial can easily be used for a blog post. If you have the content, be sure you are pushing it out to your audience and not just keeping it in one channel.
Good luck with your blogs! We look forward to seeing them soon.

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