Create a Personalized Customer Service Experience

Small Agency: Big Advantage

Being a small independent agency can give you certain advantages over the “other guys.” With a smaller range of clientele, you’re able to have a more personal connection with your clients. When a client calls you or your agency, they are probably welcomed by a human voice rather than a robotic directory. Although technology certainly offers some advantages, the digital era allows for a hybrid of technology and personal interaction to create a unique customer service experience for smaller agencies.

Get social

If you aren’t already doing so, it’s time to start using your social media accounts. Let your audience know what’s new at your agency by providing frequent updates and sharing news articles. Smaller agencies are able to have a more intimate relationship with their social media audience. When a person comments on a post or sends a message, take the time to respond within the hour. This shows that your agency is alert, active, and ready to connect. Larger insurance agencies generally don’t have the ability to respond personally unless they hire staff specifically to manage online interactions.

Updated website

Keeping a website updated means more than having correct information and a mobile-friendly setup. Your clients want to have easy access to information. Even though you’re a smaller agency and they could easily give you a call, many people still prefer looking for information online first. Make sure policy information is easy to obtain and provide online forms to submit quote requests.

Avoid “voicemail hell”

Are you’re feeling overwhelmed with phone calls? Maybe you’re receiving too many, your voicemail is full, or you don’t have the time to hold a conversation over the phone? Consider using email as a response. Phone calls can be convenient and quick, but if you keep missing calls and are running into issues reaching your client in the same instance, it may be time to reach out through email.  Your client will appreciate receiving a personalized response.

Take advantage of the benefits of being a small agency such as the ability to provide uniquely personal customer service for your clients. Follow these tips to effectively communicate and personally respond to inquiries through social media, email, and phone calls.

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