Creating Clickable Content for Marketing Insurance

You can pay for content distribution day after day. You can grow your social network with countless fans and watch your impressions and reach grow. Nevertheless, all of that may not matter if your content is not inspiring any click-through. If you are paying attention to your CTR (click-through rates) on any of your platforms and want to raise that number, let’s break down a few things you can try.

Build Curiosity

The headline or title of the post you are sharing is all you have to entice someone. Ask your readers a question, get them thinking about the topic, and prepare them to engage. Be careful to avoid having a direct question in your headline without any context, since it can be flagged as clickbait. Some good ways to go about building curiosity in the headline is by citing a fact, statistic or a quote, especially if this goes against the readers’ expectations. You want them to be curious about the piece of content you posted so that they will click to try to find answers.

Ask Them to Click

Include a call to action on your post. You’d be surprised how often this actually works. Asking viewers for a visit, for a retweet, or even including a simple “please” in your posting can up your CTR.

People Love Images

Striking visual images can have a dramatic impact on your CTR. Tweets with images receive 18% more clickthroughs, 89 percent more favorites, and 150 percent more retweets and tweets according to Hootsuite. Nowadays, your visual style can include a range of things such as photos, gifs, memes and videos, and there’s no reason not to be incorporating at least some of these into your daily posts.

Change Up Your Language for Each Network

Some postings can remain universally the same throughout all your social networks. However, there are a few things to keep in mind for each individual network. For instance, on Twitter everything is very instantaneous, and you can customize your post to reflect trending hashtags. Facebook, on the other hand, is less instantaneous and is becoming an increasingly more visual platform for live video and photo updates.

Staying informed and constantly seeking information about how platforms are changing as well as learning and finding what is working is really the best way to improve the chances of your content being clicked. You want to stay ahead of the curve so what you are doing will really stand out to your audience and keep your performance high.

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