5 Self-Storage Creative Holiday Solutions

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or planning a socially distanced celebration, you may find yourself running around like crazy getting everything tidy and ready for the holiday season. If so, here are some ideas to ease your worries. Take a look at these five ways to utilize your self-storage unit during the holiday season to save space, tidy up, and get organized.

  1. Hiding Gifts

    The end of the year is the most popular time for shopping, and finding hiding spaces at home may be a challenge. Your self-storage unit can be utilized to become the ultimate secret Santa storage spot. Your self-storage space is a handy place to store gifts, especially larger items such as TVs and bicycles or sports equipment. If you’re using your storage unit as your secret stash, you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally finding your hiding spot!
  2. Refreshing Your Decorations

    If you are a holiday decorating enthusiast, then you know how much space decorations can take up! Consider using your unit for seasonal decorations instead of storing them at home. Using closets and garages for storing items that are accessed more than once a year is a more effective use of space. Plus, more storage space means room for more décor!
  3. Organizing Your Storage Space

    Your storage unit doesn’t need to be just for holiday decorations. They are perfect for storing other seasonal items as well. For example clothes and winter gear can take up a ton of space, especially if you have a big family. Free up space in your closets at home by moving in seasonal attire when needed and returning it to off-site storage in between seasons.
  4. Sectioning Your Unit

    Continuing the idea from the previous point, it’s likely that not everything in your storage unit is going to be from the same season. For maximum efficiency, it is important to keep your storage space organized and easily accessible. You can do this by sectioning off areas designated by room, holiday, or season. For example, store sports equipment in the back right side of the unit, furniture in the back left, and clothing in the front. Some self-storage facilities will install hanging bars inside your rented unit for a minimal fee. A good tip is to keep items you will need to access frequently closer to the front of the unit and move bigger and bulkier items to the back.
  5. Creating a Workshop

    If you’re limited on space and privacy at home, your storage unit can be the perfect place to create your very own private gift-wrapping workshop. You can stash all your gift-wrapping materials in one place and not worry about family members walking in on you while you’re working.
    Did you find these tips helpful? How do you use your storage unit during changing seasons? Let us know in the comments below!

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