Creepy Crawlies: Keeping Unwanted Pests Out of Storage Units

Creepy Crawlies: Keeping Unwanted Pests Out of Storage Units

It’s that time of year again where the sun sets sooner, weather gets colder, and unwelcome guests are looking for warm and dry shelter. The last thing anyone wants to deal with as the busy holiday season approaches is an infestation of insects or critters. Here are a few things you can advise your clients to do to help prevent insects and pests from making themselves comfortable in a self-storage unit.

Select a Good Facility

  • Proper maintenance
  • Good security
  • Ask about pest control

Ask the self-storage facility manager how often they have a pest-control professional come in to inspect and spray. Does the facility have good security? A facility with good security may be more likely to follow proper maintenance protocol for pest control. However, tight security might not be enough to prevent creepy crawlies from getting in. Once bugs or critters get in, they tend to multiply quickly. Remind your clients that tenant insurance (insert link to MiniCo) can cover their stored belongings from pests in addition to other perils such as theft, fire, lightning and water damage.

Prep the Unit

  • Elevate boxes
  • Use containers
  • Wrap furniture

Keeping items directly off the floor eliminates hiding spaces for smaller pests. Using containers instead of boxes can make it more difficult for rodents to get into belongings. Wrapping furniture and plush items so that moths can’t get to them can help fabric last longer. All three of these tips also provide protection for your items against potential water damage. It’s worth your time in the long run to take these preventive steps before it’s too late.

Protect Yourself

  • Proper safety wear
  • Don’t store food
  • Don’t touch nests

One of the number one rules is never to bring food into a self-storage unit. When visiting a unit, try to avoid snacks and sweep any crumbs or food particles outside right away. If the unit develops a strange odor or there is visual evidence of an infestation, call facility management and request that they have a professional do an inspection. Wear gloves when opening boxes that have been sealed, and shake out items in case there’s something hiding inside.

It’s a good idea to visit a self-storage unit regularly if possible. Infestations can spread quickly and be very damaging. The longer an issue continues without your knowledge, the worse the damage can become. Whether it’s from rodents, insects, mold or mildew, or water damage, the losses can be costly. Staying vigilant and purchasing tenant insurance can help reduce the potential for damage, so you have less to worry about.


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