Cross-Sell Insurance With Email Marketing

One of the most famous sayings in business is “The best customers are the ones you already have.” This is a quick way to say that retaining old customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones once you take into account marketing efforts. Insurance sales is a particularly good example of this. Cross-selling different products to existing customers is usually easier than finding new customers.

Email Can Automate The Process

Actually executing a cross-sell can be challenging though. It can be time consuming to go through each customer and try to tailor an offer to them. Instead, try an automated email system. A system can be used to send out emails to customers based on certain triggers. For example, you can write the content of an email that explains the benefits of bundling life and auto insurance with home insurance. Then you direct the automated mailer to send that email to existing customers who have homeowner’s insurance with you, but not auto or life insurance.

Use Triggers To Do Even More

There is more that these tools can do. They can automatically fill in the name of the customer, for example. You can also set up a chain of emails that lead the customer down the path to signing up for a new policy. Simply set up automated emails with triggers that are based on customer responses to your earlier emails. For example, you can have the mailer send out an apologetic response if the customer rejects the initial offer and a description of your life and auto policies if they ask for more information.

With a little bit of time invested up front, automated mailing systems can cross-sell policies without any input from you at all. They are a powerful way to save time by requiring human input much less often than any other kind of marketing campaign. That leaves you free to pursue leads on your own or work on other tasks.

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