How to Deal with Failing a Goal as an Agent

The business year is now done for many. There may be just a few people left in the office, but the year is finally coming to a close. You have a moment to rest and then you’ll be off again to the 2017 business year.

You are now 365 days wiser, more skilled, and have more experience in your field. You made it through every one of those days, and served plenty of happy customers.

For the Goals you have met:

Never forget to celebrate your accomplishments. Look back on the year and see all the things you accomplished. Maybe you really went out of your way to help a client, got 10 referrals, or maybe you started offering new collectible insurance plans. Whatever you achieved, celebrate it!

For the Goals you did not meet:

Everyone has that goal that they just didn’t commit to doing over the year. It’s okay. You shouldn’t beat yourself up over this, but you also can’t hide and avoid the failed goal either.

Evaluate the Failure

There may be some goals that you’ve failed to reach this year. Know that it’s okay. A lot of things can happen in a year. It just means you have to really look and evaluate why you didn’t succeed at your goal.

Is the goal still important to you?

This year was really intense and maybe along the way your priorities changed. Think hard about whether this goal is even something important for you to accomplish.

Was your goal specific enough?

Maybe your goal failed because it was too vague. Goals like “making customers happy” is going to be really hard to check off your yearly list. By contrast, a goal like “getting ten positive customer reviews on Facebook” is a lot more specific and is a measurable way of tracking your progress.

Adjust Your Goals for the New Year!

It’s almost time for the New Year. If you’re struggling with very large goals, remember to start small and don’t be afraid to adjust your goals as the weeks go by. Get rid of goals that are no longer important to you. If you are lost on how to complete a goal ask for help from your peers. There’s no reason you can’t start getting ahead on next year’s plans. Every day is a new day. Not every day will be perfect, but by keeping with your goals and tracking them through 2017 you are sure to grow into a better agent.

Have a great New Year!

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