Decoding Twitter Part 4: Sharing and Trending

Welcome back, be sure to check out Part One of this guide on how to create a Twitter account, Part Two where we go over setting up your profile, or Part Three where we go over different features. In this part, we are going to be exploring some of the features of Twitter.

Now, Twitter isn’t only about you posting all your own content. A large part of Twitter is engaging with and sharing other people’s content as well. So, let’s say occasionally you want to share a cute animal doing a cute thing. You can retweet or reshare this post with your followers by clicking the arrows. You can simply like the post by clicking the heart icon. Liked posts can show up on your followers’ feeds even if you do not share them, so be careful not to like anything that could be inappropriate. If you see a post you would like to add to or perhaps open up a conversation about, clicking the speech bubble allows you to reply to the person who posted the tweet while being able to respond. Keep in mind that this is a public action, so anyone following you or looking at your Twitter profile could see this discussion.

An example of where you might want to respond to someone is if they’re talking about your business or maybe even talking about their experience. However, if it’s overly negative, it may be best to have them send you a direct message, which appears in the message tab in the top bar of any page you own.



You should see something like this somewhere toward the bottom left on your dashboard. This little box is very helpful since it will tell you what is trending that day on Twitter.

You can change this box to show you a more local view of what a lot of people are talking about.

It could be a part of your daily strategy to look at what is trending and then to build relevant tweets around those hashtags.

Of course, some of the trending hashtags won’t be appropriate for your participation, but there is bound to be something trending that you can post about.

In this example, #NationalRelaxationDay may be something you could post about. If you make that tweet engaging enough, you are likely to boost your chances of being seen since that topic is currently trending.

Lastly, on the right-hand side, Twitter will share a list of accounts they think you would be interested in following. Keeping an eye on this area can be very helpful in finding interesting people and/or accounts with which to engage. Also, below the suggestions is the “Find people you know” link, which leads you back to being able to connect with your contacts.

Thank you for joining us on this introductory guide to using Twitter.

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