Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Insurance Agency

3 Tips for Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy


It’s what a solid marketing campaign is made of. To be effective, a campaign not only requires developing the right processes and strategies, but researching who your key prospects are, identifying the best channels by which to reach them, and assessing your current resources. Whether you’re developing an agency marketing campaign yourself or outsourcing, the following tips can help to ensure a more effective sales strategy to better meet your goals.

  1. Understand your target market’s needs.

    What demographic are you targeting? Is your product in line with what your prospects might want? Are you filling a need by providing a specific benefit to help solve their problems? Know what it is that your ideal customer would need and tailor your campaign around the product/service they’ll want. Do the necessary research to get a clear idea of a prospect’s needs, priorities, and their buying process.

  2. Identify your agency’s goals and objectives.

    All too often marketing strategies fail because agents aren’t crystal clear as to what their goals are and end up tossing the net too wide. Instead, clearly identify what you want to accomplish. For example, are you looking to launch a new product/service, expand into a new market, increase sales of a particular line of coverage (and if so, how much)? At this stage of the planning process, it’s important to be very specific. It takes time on the front end, but can help you create a more effective and efficient strategy in the long run.

  3. Assess your marketing resources.

    Once you know your target market and have established your agency’s goals, do you have the resources to execute your strategy? For example, does your marketing team have the level of training needed? What about resources and tools? Will you need to hire temporary help? Do you have the necessary marketing collateral, or will you need to invest in items such as product brochures? What about advertising costs? Assessing your resources at the start can help you better implement a successful marketing campaign that’s efficient and stays on budget.

A good sales and marketing strategy is never a set-it-and-forget-it process. In addition to all the pre-planning, be sure to track your marketing campaign’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.


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