Email Marketing Can’t Be Ignored

With the constant talk about social media platforms, all the newest trends, strategies to boost your engagement, and changes in algorithms, it’s easy to forget about email marketing. In fact, if you are just expanding to online marketing, you may think you can ignore email marketing in favor of social media and content creation. Or you may think that email marketing has become so over saturated that it’s not worth competing in that space.

Here are a few reasons why email marketing can’t be ignored.

According to Statista, 90 percent of adults use email, which is greater the number of social media users. Of course, this makes sense if you consider that you need an email account to create a social media account. Still, that means with email marketing you have a chance of reaching the 40 percent of the population that doesn’t use social media at all.

With e-mail marketing, unlike social media, the delivery of your message is almost always guaranteed. While your audience still may not open the message if your subject line isn’t compelling, the results can be better than creating a targeted list of 15,000 people and only reaching 1,000 of them through a Facebook ad. 

Customers or active clients like to stay informed and to be educated and engaged. These are the types of clients to whom you may want to send information about other products you offer. They can learn about your other programs and perhaps reach out to you if a product applies to them.

Email can also seamlessly integrate with your other marketing avenues whether you are just informing your audience about a new blog or you want to share something that was popular on your social media channels.

Make sure your agency is not ignoring email marketing. Even if you are a lone independent agent, it’s not too much-added hassle to run a few email marketing campaigns from time to time.

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