Email Marketing: A Cost-Effective Way to Grow Your ROI

Email marketing is a great way to grow your ROI without hurting your wallet. It can not only save you money, but also it can be automated to take only a few minutes of your time. Small agencies in particular need to make sure they are using email marketing in addition to any marketing materials they are already putting out.

For insurance agents, email marketing is one of the easiest ways to help provide you with more touches in your prospecting cycle. If you are already taking advantage of a CRM, you can create different email campaigns for leads that are in different parts of the sales funnel.

Most people will check their email at least once a day, and, as we’ve cited in our previous blog about email, 90% of all adults use email.

It is also a great way to retain your current clientele. You may offer them occasional educational emails about the services they are receiving or additional services available. Regardless of what you choose, you’ll want to find a way to encourage them to stay with you.

In order to make sure you’re achieving ROI growth, make sure to track your results to see what strategy is working. Then you can continue building on your campaigns with that knowledge in mind.

How has email marketing paid off for your agency?

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  1. AOL Customer Service

    Email Marketing effects the growth of ROI because we can target our audience for marketing in a less time and we can also send a single mail to many receivers. With the help of Emails marketing, we save time and lot of money.


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