How To Use Your Email Signature For Promotion

Marketing with Your Email Signature

Are you missing out on selling to 50 or more prospects every week? If you aren’t using your email signature strategically, that’s exactly what’s happening. The fact is, every email you send can be an opportunity to promote your products, services, and agency. Think about it. Even if you’re only sending 10 emails a day, Monday through Friday, that’s 200 missed opportunities each month!

Ready to make a change? The following are a few ideas for using your email signature to sell each and every time you hit “send.”

  • Flaunt your level of expertise. Have you earned any insurance industry designations? If so, display them in your email signature right after your name. In a competitive industry, it’s important to identify what sets you apart.
  • Include social media links. Are you on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms? (If not, check out this post to get started.) Make it easy for recipients to connect with you and learn more about your agency, products, and services with links to your social media profiles.
  • Steer contacts to your quote page. If your website includes an online quoting program, be sure to include the link along with a short message. For example, “Are you covered in case of equipment breakdown? Click here for a free insurance quote.” It’s okay to be creative, just keep it short and to the point.
  • Be a thought leader. If your agency maintains a blog or online library with articles and other helpful information, include a link to the content. This type of thought leadership demonstrates your level of expertise to prospects and will be appreciated by your existing clients.
  • Include a good hook. Entice email recipients with an offer they’ll want to learn more about. Some good introductory lines are “Did you know…” or “Ask me how…” For example, “Ask me how good risk management practices could lower your commercial insurance costs.” Brainstorm on some of the products you sell and come up with clever ways you can turn them into interesting sales hooks.

Your email signature is a simple, cost-effective, and automated vehicle for promoting your agency. Keep in mind that creativity is a plus as long as you don’t overdo it. The idea is to get people thinking, not to hit them with a hard sales pitch. Plus, embedding too many links in an email can land your message in the recipient’s SPAM folder.


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