Email Like It’s 2018: Part 2

Email Like It’s 2018: Part 2

Email is here to stay, so be sure that you’re using it correctly. Our previous blog post went over the important elements that help keep your email campaigns unique, professional, and optimized. This section will discuss different topics and ways you can build the body of your email campaigns.

Pull the Reader In

The power of email is incredible. Many people have multiple email accounts: an account for work, one for personal messages, and one for mailing lists. Emails are checked multiple times throughout the day. If your subject line is good enough to pull the reader in, you now have 15-20 seconds to convey your message to the reader. How are you going to do it?

  • Subject lines
  • Personalization

You may think everyone likes the look of a well-designed email full of images. The email opens right up to bold lettering, bright imagery, and organized text. Even though emails like these are very visually appealing, they scream “ad!” to readers. This could cause them to instantly close out of your email. Design your email to draw traffic and conversions to your website. So, stop blending in with all the other ads and make your email personalized.

Clearly no one has the time to write a unique response to everyone on an email list. However, you can organize the people on your mailing list by interests, and customize emails that cater to those interests and engage the reader. One email does not fit all.  Your readers are all different and individual people. Write to them that way.

Use Email to Your Advantage    

Your messages don’t all have to be about policies and products. Use email to introduce your audience to your social media accounts or talk about a new promotion. Readers don’t like to be pushed to buy all the time. Take a break and thank your readers once in a while and ask for them to post a review of your agency. Do this by creating an email list of users that you’ve recently worked with.

An email list of 2,000 email subscribers has a higher click-through rate than a social media post being seen by 2000 followers. Tweak your email campaigns and design them for your different audiences. Remember that your users are unique, and your email messages should reflect those differences.


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