Never Host a Boring Meeting Again

What to do When Board Meetings Get Boring

Have your team meetings been a little dull lately? Creating a small change in routine can freshen up everyone’s senses and make the time spent in meetings more productive.

Switch it Up

  • Grab engagement
  • Alternate speakers

Who starts the meeting? Have a warm-up conversation to encourage the engagement of all employees present. Telling an interesting story or sharing a quick funny or inspirational video is a good way to help everyone in the room relax and center their focus. If you’re hosting a large meeting, have leaders speak with their teams and choose a different representative each week to talk about updates. In large meetings, not everyone gets a chance to speak. This technique encourages engagement from all department members instead of just managers.

Virtual or In-Person Meetings

  • Video meetings
  • Keep it short
  • Set meeting goals

Meetings should be held on a regular schedule, but that doesn’t always work out for everyone. For employees who travel a lot or telecommute, consider having them join a meeting virtually. If someone normally calls into the meeting, try setting up a web cam so they can visually join in. There are free products that allow people to participate via video through their smartphones, similar to Apple’s FaceTime.

When meetings are too long, this could be because there are too many people in the meeting or your meetings aren’t frequent enough. A 30-minute meeting once a week is much more effective than a biweekly meeting that can take over an hour. Keep in-person meetings short and focused on a specific goal to keep all attendees engaged.

Walking meeting

  • Micro meeting
  • 2-4 people
  • One topic

Skip the email. Turn a long email into a short mobile meeting. When involving four or less people, take a walk around the campus or a quick snack break together. If you’re discussing one simple topic, a change of scenery can lead to better brainstorming than always sitting in the same meeting room or office.

When was the last time you changed up your meetings? Give these tips a try if you’ve noticed that meeting participants have become disengaged, quiet, and more focused on their phones than the topic at hand. Small changes can greatly improve everyone’s attitude and productivity.

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