End of the Year Things to Do │ Getting Ready for the New Year

The end of the year is always a difficult time. Things start to wrap up at work, projects get finalized, and coworkers start taking time off, which can make being at work stressful. Don’t panic.
Here are few tips designed to help you end the year with a clean and stress-free slate for the New Year.


When was the last time you cleaned your desk? Sprucing up your paperwork and hiding it in cabinets doesn’t count as cleaning. Take everything off of your desk and use some multi-purpose spray on your desk area and give it a good scrub. You’ll be shocked by how much dirty buildup there really is. Even if you wipe down your work area every now and then, using a cleanser works much better than just water and a damp cloth. Before putting back all of your papers, grab a can of pressurized air and clean your keyboard, too. All those lunch breaks spent at your desk probably led to grimy fingers, which means your keyboard may be full of crumbs and covered with dirt. A clean workspace will help you feel fresher, and cleaning up is critical when it comes to preventing contact with viruses and bacteria.


Coming back to the office after the holidays can be a little depressing. If you’re someone who loves to decorate, consider reorganizing your desk area with yearlong decorations such as miniature succulents and fairy lights. Give your space something personal and fresh to help spark some daily creativity.

Go Through Old Emails

Going through emails is easily one of the most tedious tasks, but it’s a necessary one. If you’re afraid of deleting emails in case you may need to reference them later, create different folders to keep them organized. If you have email that has been around for years, consider deleting them. If you haven’t gone through them by now, you probably won’t later.

Try out these tips and let us know in the comments what you do to prepare for the New Year. Hopefully these ideas will help you freshen up your workspace and allow you to start the New Year with a fresh and creative mindset.

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