Enhance Your Tenant Relationships Through Ongoing Communication

Today’s competitive storage marketplace means that businesses need to work harder to attract new customers and keep existing tenants. Three important elements in this effort are excellent customer service, a customer-friendly website, and consistent communication. In this age of social media and 24/7 information, maintaining communication with your tenants is more than a courtesy, it’s something that most of your customers likely expect.

Stay Connected with E-Mail

While it’s never a good idea to bombard your audience with too-frequent or unwanted messages, a quarterly e-mail newsletter from a facility to its tenants is a reasonable starting point and one that is feasible for most self-storage operations. Fostering the relationship with your tenants via a quarterly newsletter can go a long way toward enhancing customer service and creating a positive experience for your valued customers. E-mail is less expensive and requires less production effort than a printed newsletter, plus the facility will have an added incentive to collect valid e-mail addresses from every tenant, information that is very important and sometimes overlooked in the leasing process.

A quarterly newsletter is an excellent tool for distributing a variety of messages to your customers.

  • Risk Management – Reiterate certain clauses in the rental contract such as the provision against storing flammable items, the maximum value of items to be stored in a unit, and the importance of insuring stored property. Ask tenants to report hazardous conditions they may observe on the property such as tripping, slip-and-fall, and fire hazards as well as damage to physical structures and possible criminal activity. Mitigating one loss can make a difference in your annual insurance costs.
  • Marketing – Alert tenants to your referral program, remind them about your available insurance program and truck rental services, or let them know that you have new spaces available to rent.
  • Operations – Provide guidance and information about upcoming events at the facility to include maintenance or construction on the property.
  • Special Messages – If possible, target a special edition of the newsletter to your commercial customers to provide information specific to their needs.
  • Generic Content – Include interesting content from online resources such as local events, “on this day in history” stories, or other entertaining items.

If you are considering an e-mail newsletter for your self-storage business, you could start with an all-text e-mail format to test the waters. When you’re ready to expand the program, review the available low-cost e-mail distribution services. Most are cost-effective for smaller operations, simple to use, and provide an array of ready-to-use templates that can be customized to include your logo, business information and photos.

Creating an e-mail newsletter to communicate with your tenants is a simple and highly effective way to enhance customer service and retention as well as provide a resource to convey important risk management information. Staying connected benefits both you and your tenants.

Mike Schofield

President and CEO

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