Enhance Your Agency’s Website to Improve SEO and Accommodate Visually Impaired Users

Enhance Your Agency’s Website to Improve SEO and Accommodate Visually Impaired Users

Everyone uses the internet. Everyone. This includes people that may be visually impaired. Does your website accommodate them? Here are a few tips that will enhance your website for all users and also benefit your agency.

  • Proper use of alt text
  • Colors on website
  • Big text options

What is Alt Text and How to Use it

Whenever you upload an image to a website, you may have noticed an option to add in keywords called “alt text.” This option is available so that that the website, SEO, screen readers, and AI (artificial intelligence) accessing your website can interpret the image. This is important in helping your image rank higher in an image search. However, the keywords you add must be relevant to the image. If your keywords are all over the place, they will get lost in the search.

More importantly, alt text is used for people that are using screen readers or devices that read website text to the listener. When the reader comes across your image, it reads out the alt text description. Say your webpage is about the best bouncy ball in the world and you have an image of that ball. Alt text is not a hashtag. The alt text shouldn’t be “ball, red, best, and bouncy,” nor should it say something as simple as “ball” or “ball bouncing.” Those terms don’t describe the image. A better use of alt text would be “red bouncy ball bouncing high off of brick wall outside.” The text must be descriptive for those that cannot see the image. It’s also important to keep it short.

Importance of Color on Website

Have you considered how those that may be colorblind access your website? When creating buttons on your site that require a click and the users’ attention, be aware of using colors that are commonly difficult to see when colorblind. This could be red and green together or yellow and blue.

Multiple Text Size Options

The demographic of the audience accessing your site could affect the way your site should be designed. If your audience happens to be older, it may be a good idea to use a font two sizes bigger than the font you normally use. Many cellphone users may already have an option to make text bigger; however, not everyone knows how to enable that option on their website browser. A way to accommodate desktop users is to enable an option on your website that allows users to view the mobile site on their desktop. Mobile websites are typically formatted to be more visually simplified since they are usually being viewed on a smaller screen.


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