Evergreen Content That Generates Leads

Evergreen content is something to be conscious of when working on the blog and other information resources for your insurance agency. It is content that is timeless or relevant for a prolonged period. A piece of evergreen content should be useful to your audience for at least a year or two.

This type of content is essential for insurance agents and agencies because it means you do not always have to focus on constant trends. It’s a way to have a sustainable content strategy that will bring in traffic and leads, and provide a service to your audience. It’s also a benefit when you do not have time to constantly update your blog or produce new content.

Let’s talk about a few different types of evergreen content you may be able to put to work for your agency.

Providing Resources

Resource guides are excellent and very valuable content for your audience. It also can be easy to compile lists of resources as you are working throughout the day or week. A good example of this would be if you offered a niche coverage like collectibles insurance. You could compile resources for caring for different categories of collectibles, collecting in general, appraisal resources, or other relevant information.

How To Guides

Depending on the coverage you offer, the “How To” guides you may create could vary in content. However they could provide the means to repurpose your content into many different forms of media. What may start as a simple blog could become content for your YouTube channel. It may even be something that could be effectively used on a Pinterest account since “How To” guides are one of the most popular types of content to pin.


Everyone is in love with statistics. Giant, detailed infographics are created around statistics and facts. As you identify stats relevant to your insurance agency, save them to compile a supply of information. What type of claim was the most commonly filed in the last year? What was the average claim amount? How long does it take to resolve a typical claim? Start by compiling some key numbers, and you’ll be able to create a great piece of content.

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