Facebook Live For Insurance Agents

Facebook Live could be an extremely valuable tool in the coming year for insurance agents. Adapt early and build your audience now because Facebook Live seems to be receiving higher organic reach than any other type of content. Be sure to add it to your marketing plan for 2017.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a simple way for you to be able to connect with your customer base in real time. During the broadcast, your fans will be able to react and leave comments. After your broadcast has ended the video will then appear on your Facebook page, much like any other video you may have uploaded.

How Can it Help Market Insurance?

For insurance, Facebook Live is a great way to connect with people and build relationships. You can approach a live video as a tutorial and field questions your fans might have about insurance.

Dedicate an hour every week for a month as a trial run. Have your broadcast be a breakdown of different insurance plans that you offer. This allows you to freely engage with your audience and truly get to know them. You become their insurance expert and you can bet they will come to you when they have a question.

After a month, figure out if the amount of engagement you received from your videos was worth the time used to produce them. Don’t forget the overall view count after the video has been posted as well. Some people may miss your live-show, but will view content related to them when they see it on their page.

Do not get discouraged. It will take time to build the community you might want. Try to think outside the box as well. Broadcast your involvement with your local community. Showing your team outside the office can help to reach people who might not be thinking about insurance at the moment and bring them into your community so  they will think of you first when they do have an insurance need.

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