Fostering Relationships Using Social Media as an Insurance Agent

While the big goal behind using social media and marketing is to build your leads, convert, cross-sell and raise your ROI, one of the many steps along the way is fostering lifelong relationships with your audience via social media.

If you have already established a community of some kind on social media, then it is good practice to engage with this audience. Having fluid conversations and not using generic, canned responses ensure that you are more personable. The last thing you want to do is appear robotic on these networks. However, if you don’t have a very large community or lack engagement, you can follow trending hashtags and relevant discussions. Favoriting and liking other people’s ideas and photos are additional ways to gain a bit of engagement. Just remember to keep these activities relevant to your company.

A great place to look for content is other local businesses around you although not necessarily other insurance agents. If you offer self-storage insurance, maybe sharing some information from local self-storage blogs every once in a while will help fill your queue.

Look at your demographics and learn about your audience. Facebook even gives you additional pages that may also interest a good portion of your audience. You can leverage this information to build your relationships. It also may help you when creating content in the future that may build more engagement on your page than before.

Lastly, always be ready to provide excellent customer service. More and more people are contacting social media accounts over phone calls or emails for complaints or questions. Be sure to monitor your social channels and be ready to respond to messages as they come in. It may even be handy to turn on notifications to your phone if you are on the go a lot.

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