Is The Future of Online Marketing Voice-Based?

We are always looking to the future of marketing, and while we don’t always jump on every boat we see, we think it’s important to be aware of current trends and what is and isn’t working. You never want to have a situation where you didn’t see something coming and miss out on a prime marketing opportunity. 

Outside of the rise of chatbots, which we have previously discussed, there is currently an increased interest in voice-controlled smart devices. Products like Alexa and Google Home have been selling well and are giving marketers a new set of problems to solve.

These devices don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, their user base seems to just keep growing. Even Facebook has announced that they are working on their own device.

One of the biggest questions this trend is raising with marketers is how can they have their article or website pulled when a potential client queries something from the device. Unlike traditional search engines where there’s a chance a user could visit your website as long as you’re placed on the first page, you only get one result on a voice-based search.

That being said, right now voice-based searches make up 10% of all searches performed. ComScore estimates that by 2020 voice-based searches will total 50% of all searches. This leaves marketers struggling to come up with an SEO strategy for these devices.

The growing trend of voice-based searches also has contributed to a boom in podcast popularity since these devices encourage users to engage with audio-only forms of entertainment. While podcasts are not the most popular content to create, it will be interesting to see if podcasting becomes more prevalent in the marketing realm as the voice-based search trend grows.

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