Generating More Insurance Leads

Stay Social

Facebook has 1.65 billion active users. That is more than enough reason to pay attention! Keep in mind that 54 percent use the service only on mobile devices. Make sure your websites are mobile-ready, or your leads won’t stay on your page very long.

A modern day word-of-mouth referral is generally going to lead that person to search for you online on whatever device they are using. It is imperative that you put your best foot forward and have everything well optimized.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is developing a relationship with your buyer at every stage of the sale. Most of the time this process is accomplished with content marketing. For every stage of the relationship, you can create content specifically there for them, either via email or an online ad.

The thought process here is to be able to capture sales from leads that just are not ready when they first encounter your offer. By nurturing these relationships you’ll be on the forefront of their minds when they’re ready to buy.


If a potential lead visits your website, but does not fill out your lead-generation form or reach out to you, are they gone forever? With retargeting you can show targeted ads towards these visitors after they have left your site or landing page. The ads are your second chance at converting those visitors. The goal here is to capture them as a lead and bring them into your nurturing process. Converting that person is a more cost efficient way to generate a lead as opposed to throwing more money toward another first visit.


By maintaining an active social media presence, nurturing your current leads, and converting past visitors into leads, you will be able to continue growing your client database.

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