Get a Fast Quote for Self-Storage Risks

MiniCoMiniCo is seeing an increase in submissions for the commercial self-storage insurance product, but getting a quote can take as little as one business day. Even complex submissions may be quoted quickly as long as the information sent to the underwriters is complete and specific.

For the fastest quote turnaround, MiniCo’s underwriters suggest the following:

• Use the Agent Portal – Submissions received via MiniCo’s online agent portal are quoted more expediently than those submitted on a paper application.

• Provide Complete Information – Any areas that are left blank will require an underwriter to contact you for the information, which slows down the quoting process.

• Be Specific – Vague responses also require additional underwriter time to collect necessary details. For example, simply answering “yes” to the question “Are there any non-storage exposures?” without providing appropriate explanation adds time to the quoting process.

Access MiniCo’s online agent portal 24/7 at Applications in PDF form are available at For more information, contact our Customer Care Department at 800-447-8383 or

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