3 Unique and Fresh Ways to Interact with Your Audience

Engagement is something that everyone wants but is tough to get. If you are finding yourself falling short on follower engagement even though you’re posting daily, this tip is for you. Here are three ways to pull in your followers and encourage them to engage.


  • Comment back
  • GIFs

You social media pages need to be more than just a place where you post your thoughts and share articles every once in a while. What do you do when someone comments on something you posted? You should be interacting with that comment even if they haven’t asked a question. The next time a user comments or shares your content, reply back with, “thanks for the comment/share,” answer their question if there is one, or tag them back and comment with something general.

A GIF (graphic interchange format) is a moving image only a few seconds long made up of a series of frames from images, videos, or even movies. GIFs are a huge part of communication on the internet. Many people will post a GIF as their reaction to someone else’s post. Some brands have GIF wars in the comment section of their posts where it’s just a comment thread of one GIF reacting to another and another. Although it may sound silly, it’s a great way to interact with your followers and have fun. GIFs are commonly used on Facebook and Twitter.

Caption Contest

Hosting a caption contest is a good way to break up your feed and steer your content away from the mundane. A caption contest is where you post an image that is visually intriguing or interesting and then ask your followers to caption it. The comment that gets the most likes from other users wins.

This is a great way to test the engagement level of your audience. This type of post encourages users to comment, which will boost the engagement and impressions of your page.

Create a Poll

On Facebook and Twitter, you have the option to create a poll. Use this option to test creative ideas, get public opinions, or get to know your users. It’s simple to do. Simply create a post as you normally would, then look at the bottom of the post area for a section that says “poll” or click on the three little dots and select “poll.”

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