Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

Insurance MarketingFirms looking into insurance online marketing through Facebook quickly discover that Fb is unlike previous advertising mediums. Its focus is intently on the user – Facebook offers an experience aimed to be custom-tailored to each person, so your online insurance marketing efforts should dovetail with that.

Facebook is ultimately about creating synergy between you and their billion users. Success is measured through engagement: the number of responses, Likes, and Shares that each post produces. More engagement leads to more website visits, more leads, and more clients.

For companies looking to boost engagement in their online insurance marketing campaigns on Facebook, we offer two broad strategic suggestions:

I. Ask more questions.

There is no easier way to build engagement on Facebook than by asking questions of your fans and followers. By directly inviting response, you’re virtually certain to get more replies than to most other posts. Besides the obvious increase in positive impressions, this also will cause your posts to receive higher priority on users’ news feeds and walls. As for what to ask, a mix is usually best. Look for some that invite personal stories, some that are barely-disguised market research, and some that are just for fun.

A few examples:

  • What do you want in an insurance company?
  • What’s the best experience you’ve had with an insurance company?
  • As a child, did you grow up in a house or an apartment?
  • Do you ever take insurance coverage when you (activity)?
  • What’s the worst damage that’s happened to your home?
  • What did you think of (recent industry event)?
  • When did (insurance product) last protect you?

Notice that a few of those may seem too simple. These often invite the most responses of all, believe it or not, and can give a nice boost to your numbers on occasion. Obviously, you should not over-rely on them – too many will quickly make your page appear lightweight.

II. Encourage Honest Discussions

One side effect the Internet has had on business that no one predicted is a new rise in honesty. The Internet has made it extremely simple to verify virtually any claim, and hundreds of millions of consumers out there know it. Most of the time, it takes thirty seconds on Google. Therefore, you can safely assume that whenever you post a number to your Fb business page, someoneis going to fact-check it.

Our advice is not to fight this in your insurance online marketing, but embrace it. Have honest discussions with fans on your Facebook page. Answer their questions. Respond reasonably should criticisms of your firm arise, and let the people know when you implement a suggestion they made.

Consumers are very distrustful of businesses right now. Your Facebook page is the perfect place to be recognized as a straight shooter.

Just remember you have to walk the walk, to

Outreach on your Fb page is entirely about how well you can spark discussion and interest among those passing by, but the secret is simple: Ask questions, then respond honestly when questions are asked of you. The right questions gain you the market insights you need, and the right answers establish the credibility you want.

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