It’s Not Always About Your Following

Who doesn’t love an adrenaline rush? Every notification of a new like and a new follower brings a nice sense of excitement and accomplishment. However, the addictive nature of this feeling has led some people to become obsessive about gaining more likes and followers on their accounts. This has grown into a worldwide problem for content creators. People are more interested in growing numbers than in creating quality content. Now social media platforms are fighting this trend.

More Content Means More of a Following

It’s the same song and dance over and over again. Better content means better engagement. Whether it’s being said by Facebook or a social media guru, that’s the magic ingredient that everyone is being told is the key ingredient for social media success. If that’s the case, then why are brands all over the internet struggling to get organic content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram? A key factor is the lack of quality posts. People are being told that posting more will result in more visibility, which will lead to a higher following. Because of that, newsfeeds are being overly saturated with sponsored, repetitive, and flat content. So Instagram is now experimenting with changes to their platform with the goal of combatting the dry content landslide.

Instagram Changes

Instagram is experimenting with removing the display that shows the number of likes. This is huge news. Since there isn’t a share button, Instagram’s interface is made up of liking and commenting. Instead of showing the number of likes, it will just show a name and face of an account that liked the content, for example, “liked by MiniCoInsurance and others.”

This change takes out the popularity contest the number of shown likes can cause. This can help get rid of not only posts that just fish for likes, but also help people to stop obsessing over likes. Other platforms like Twitter and Facebook have options to like or heart content; however, the numbers on Instagram are always much higher. There are many users who will delete content that didn’t get a lot of likes or will maintain a second Instagram account where they post the second-best content that they feel won’t perform as well to their primary account followers.

What this Means for Insurance Agents

This could be good news for insurance agents. As an agent, you are sharing important information to your followers. Your audience on Instagram might not find it as entertaining as everything else that’s in their feed, but they are still seeing your content. This causes your feed have a lower number of likes or maybe even a lower number of followers. The absence of a like counter should encourage you to continue posting your quality content and help you feel less competitive about simply collecting likes.

What are your thoughts on these Instagram changes? Will it alter the way you post on social media?

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