Get More Referrals from Utilizing this Forgotten Source

The entirety of the insurance industry is built upon relationships. How well are you utilizing the people you know and the connections you already have? In this workplace, the saying, “use it or lose it” definitely applies. One of the most difficult tasks, whether you’re an insurance agent or a business owner, is finding new leads. Many times the best investment is to maintain the relationships you currently have with clients and encourage them to branch out and promote you to their contacts. Other times it’s using your professional contacts and partnering up with them, which also has many benefits.

Professional Partnership

When someone thinks of the term “partnership,” they may think of a fancy law firm or a mega corporation made out of three names. A partnership doesn’t have to be that formal or complicated. Here are a few ways to cultivate a professional partnership.

  • Choosing a Partner

Thanks to social media, it’s not hard to find a partner that would be a good fit for you. You can use Instagram to easily find similar agents and ask them to collaborate with you. This could include tagging each other in stories and posts to help promote each other.

  • Provide Value

You have more resources to offer than just your book of business. Offer other agents features in a blog post or mentions in tweets, and share their content.

  • Meet in Person

Trade shows are a wonderful way to meet up with industry professionals you’ve engaged with online and great place to meet more like-minded people. Give it a shot!

  • Goals

When approaching someone about a partnership online, over the phone, or in person, know what you want to get out of it before you ask. Similar to an elevator pitch, make sure you know what you can offer and have your goals already outlined.

  • Follow Up

One of the toughest aspects of developing new relationships is maintaining them. Keep in contact with the people you meet and those you haven’t talked to in a while. Consistent communication makes it easier for you to follow up and thank your partner any time you receive a referral from them.

These days partnerships are very common, especially due to the power of social media. The internet makes it very easy to stay in touch with contacts and provides many ways for agents to mutually help one another.

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