Give Back to Your Clients by Saying Thank You

5 Ways For a Busy Insurance Agent to Give Thanks

It is quickly becoming the season to celebrate thankfulness and giving. When was the last time you let your clients know that you appreciate them? Here are several ways to brush up on your client relationships by thanking them for their business.

  1. Take Time Out of Your Day

Set aside the time to identify your clients’ professional online profiles and follow them on social media. Leave a few comments or likes. Maybe they will follow you in return!

  1. Be Personal

Instead of calling your clients to see how their current policy is holding up, call just to say hello and ask them how they are doing. You want to focus on creating and maintaining a personal bond with your clients so they will remain long- term clients.

  1. Reach Out Online

Use the internet for what it was designed for: communicating. Say hello to your clients online either through email or social media. Give them a shout-out for being a great client or send them a direct message through social media saying something personal and heartfelt.

  1. Make a Statement on Social Media

You don’t have to communicate directly to a specific client when saying thanks. Try making a post online – or even a quick video – thanking your clients for their business. Remember that social media isn’t all about sales and making leads. Create a post showing the real you and your coworkers.

  1. Give Thanks

As an insurance professional, you’ve probably seen your clients through some of their worst moments. Take some time and think about how your clients have helped you. Use that information to create an email and a social post to let your clients know that they’ve made a positive impact on your life as well.

Nearly everyone is juggling busy schedules these days. You may not have time to meet up with each of your clients over coffee to catch up. They may not have the time either! But you can always find time to thank your clients using these 5 tips.

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