Goal Setting with Social Media

Goal setting for your social media objectives is becoming more and more important. As we are expected to more than double our social media spending by the year 2019, we need goals and data to justify all the spending we are doing. You will need to know what to measure and what metrics you need to back up your goals.

Remember when picking your goals to keep them SMART.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Time-based

Some of the most common social media goals include the following:

  • Create a larger fanbase and turn current fans into advocates who create postings about the brand on their own.
  • Drive more in-person sales and bring in more people to contact you.
  • Increase brand awareness to increase recognition of your logo and agency name?

Remember to identify the metric you are going to use to track these goals. Without that identification, you don’t have a way to make your goals measurable.

  • The number of followers you have on each platform can easily count for a fan count.
  • Impression numbers for a page or post can be especially useful if you are running ads.
  • The number of clicks you have received on a link can easily be tracked through services like bit.ly.
  • Google Analytics can help you track your social referrals.

The biggest takeaway from this information is to make sure you have all the proper steps in place to track your metrics to help support your goals. Without them, all you have is hope and aspiration, which is not very effective when you are trying to figure out what social strategies are working.

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