The Golden Ratio of Social Media Posting

The amount and type of content you post on your social media pages can make a huge difference. There is a sort of golden ratio that has been found to work for many when trying to fill all their posting slots. The golden ratio for content is 30/60/10.


The smallest chunk of your postings should be dedicated to promotional content. These are your postings with calls to action, and they tend to be the most sales-like. If you are posting too many of these, there is a chance you’ll turn off your audience. You may even lose some engagement and reach if people stop interacting with your posts.


From there, the next thirty percent of your postings should be your owned content. This kind of content can include company photos and blog postings. This is the content that you have created for your agency. 


The largest percentage of postings should be coming from curated content. This is content that, while you didn’t create, still supports your business or has relevance toward your audience. If you are a local agent, sometimes sharing another local business’s update or sharing a current local event is a good way to continue to engage your local community on your page without overwhelming followers with too much information about your agency.

Some audiences might want a slightly different ratio, perhaps 50/20/30 or 10/50/40. However, the golden ratio is a great starting point to see what kind of content is working for your page. Remember to always be experimenting and be ready to apply what you are learning.

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