What Insurance Agents Can Learn from Google Plus

Saying Goodbye to Google Plus

Social media is organic, alive and constantly changing. As things change, insurance agents and marketers need to watch for trends and adapt accordingly. Failure to do so can lead to loss of time and ROI. Are you still posting to Google Plus? For years, bloggers have been saying that Google Plus is dead, and now the time has come to make it official. Google is now laying to rest Google Plus.


Google Plus has been around for seven years and was never very popular, yet practically everyone has heard of it. Google Plus is a social network owned by Google. While there are one billion monthly users of Gmail, fewer than 10 million users have ever made more than 50 posts to Google Plus. The average time spent on the site by Google Plus users is a little over 3 minutes per session. This month it was announced that Google Plus had suffered a security breach affecting 500,000 users. In the wake of the breach, Google announced they will be pulling the plug on Google Plus in the coming months.

Why This Matters for Insurance Agents

It is important to follow trends, especially on social media. Each network has its own audiences, and users share different information on each platform. If you don’t know how to connect with your audience, then you’re wasting your time. As an insurance agent, you need to know how to talk to your clients appropriately for each network and recognize which outlets aren’t working for you. There’s no point in making posts for a specific social network if there aren’t active users.

Why Google Plus Failed

With Google’s success, it’s a bit of a shock that Google Plus never really caught on. Many people liked the feature on Google Plus that allowed friends to create circles and privately organize their friend groups. However, you have to have a Google email to join, so not everyone could join Google Plus unless they opened another email account. Perhaps Google was more focused on its other projects and didn’t listen to their active users when it came to making updates.

Keep in mind that as an agent you always want to try new ways to connect with leads and clients, but never forget to listen to feedback and adapt. Use social media as a tool to inform and engage with your audience. Pay attention to social media trends to make sure you’re spending the most time on the right network to effectively reach the audience of users most relevant for you.

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