How to be a Great Insurance Mentor

Mentorship is an important process as you grow into a career. Right now is such an important time to make sure that you have proper mentorship options available to new employees. Within the next few years, the insurance industry will have many new hires that could advance up the career ladder quickly. Training is also important, but you are going to need your new hires to have strong mentors to guide them through the early stages of their careers. In addition, retention rates dramatically increase when mentorships relationships are available.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you approach your employees to ask them to mentor.

They Must be Willing to Share

Whoever you are choosing to lead this mentorship needs to be able to communicate well. They also need to be willing to share and to be open with the people they are mentoring. If it’s not an open relationship where both parties are willing to communicate and feel comfortable sharing their successes and failures, they won’t build a meaningful relationship.

Constructive Criticism

When starting a job, especially one with prospects to grow into a career path, there will be failures. Constructive criticism is vital when this happens. Being quick to anger or lay blame will not help the mentoree grow, nor will just telling them exactly what to do whenever they encounter a problem. Ideally, guiding them to make their own decisions through feedback and simple advice will help them grow and develop in the role. 

Whether you yourself are mentoring or if you are selecting an employee to lead a mentorship at your agency, make sure that the mentor is someone that people already look up to and respect. You want the person in this role to be someone who is highly regarded by others in the field. This is the type of person who would probably offer some form of mentorship even without a push. Nurture these people into the role of mentors, and you will see great relationships start to grow and thrive at your workplace.

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