4 Quick Ways to Grow Your Agency

Too Busy to Grow Your Agency? 4 Strategies That Fit Your Crowded Schedule

As a busy agency owner, you wear many hats. In addition to selling, there are daily administrative duties, the hiring and training of employees, maintaining social media and marketing tasks, etc. So how do you find the time to implement new initiatives and strategies that can help you better meet production and retention goals with so much already on your plate?

Getting caught up in the day to day of your agency can leave you with little time for anything else. The following tips can help you work in new business strategies while leaving time for everything else you have to do.

Improving retention efforts.

Keeping clients is critical for growing your agency. However, maintaining personal contact with all your insureds can be a daunting task. Instead, run a list of clients who are renewing within the next 90-days and then contact them via phone, email, or by sending a card. In your message, offer to review their policy and answer any questions they may have.

Maintaining your social media presence.

You already know how important social media is for growth and retention. Unfortunately, creating and posting original content can take a big chunk out of your day. One way to maintain your online presence without a huge investment of your time is by following local businesses and commenting, liking, and sharing their posts. Posting third-party links to helpful articles and information is also a great workaround when you don’t have time to create original content.

Cross-selling to every client.

Want to reduce your monoline accounts? Unfortunately, cross-selling to every client who walks through your agency’s door isn’t always possible when you’re busy. Make a list of all the products you sell and display it in your lobby, on the front reception desk, and in individual offices. This can help get agency visitors thinking about additional insurance products and may encourage them to ask for more information.

Making time for networking

. Networking is a great way to grow your connections and build relationships with others in your community. But it’s only effective if you show up. If you struggle with finding time to regularly attend multiple networking events, then simply pick one or two. Remember, you don’t have to stay for the entire event. Commit yourself to staying for 30 minutes, and then get busy once you’re there.

Making ambitious goals is easy. Meeting them can be tough. Take these ideas as a starting point, and experiment to identify what works for your busy schedule.


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