Make it or Break it: 3 Ways to Use Data to Grow Your Insurance Agency

Gathering Data

One of the most useful tools for growing your insurance agency is properly gathering and using data from your clients. Growing your agency means gaining an audience and knowing that audience. Here are three tips about gathering data and how to use it effectively.


  • Competitors
  • Analytics

Use Google to your advantage – it’s free! With a small expenditure of your time, you can Google your competitors and see what they are up to. A few Google searches can tell you whether your competitors are paying for search engine ads, which social media accounts they’re using, and what ratings they have.  This can give you an idea of what your insurance agency could be doing, regardless of your agency’s size. Make sure your agency’s website is linked up with Google Analytics. You can use analytics to track where your users are coming from and their demographics. Use this data to better understand how to market to your clients.

Social Media                                     

Social media is very important to your agency’s growth. Use social media as a way to engage and communicate with your audience. By posting often, the analytics on each of your social accounts will tell you when your followers are most active. Use that information to strategically post at specific times and learn what type of information your audience likes to engage with. Having a social media account is a good way to stay relevant and present in the lives of your clients. Be sure to promote your website though your social accounts!

Landing Pages                 

A landing page is just a web page; however, it has many uses. The page doesn’t have to be linked to your homepage. You can design a landing page to match with a specific Google ad. You can use landing pages to advertise an incentive offered in exchange for some information from the user. Examples of data you may want to gather from clients include product and customer service feedback (via a short survey) and email addresses. Gathering this data can help you create ads that are more specifically targeted, which can help generate new leads.

Use data to your advantage. Gathering information about your competitors, your account users and followers will help you better understand your audience and grow new leads. Google Analytics and social media are free tools that your insurance agency can use to effectively target current clients and future prospects.

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