Growing Your Insurance Agency’s Twitter

How to Grow Your Insurance Agency’s Twitter

Social media can be challenging when you’re running 4-6 different accounts and they all work differently. For this blog, we are focusing on Twitter. Twitter is for everyone and all types of companies, consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business. Gaining and maintaining followers really is a craft. It takes time and effort to build a strong base, but it is possible.


This is the golden rule for all types of social media. Content is only as good as your engagements. Engagements are like roads: they go both ways. You need to be tracking who is engaging with your account and take notes on when users like, comment, or retweet your tweets. The other half is you engagement back. This doesn’t mean simply telling someone thanks for the comment or share. You need to be following people and engaging with their content as well. This can feel challenging when you’re new to the industry and don’t know anyone, but that’s the great thing about social media. It’s a causal platform that opens the door so you can talk and interact with users who are in the same industry as you.


Don’t be afraid of competition! Go and follow a competitor – maybe they will follow you back. Take the next step and engage with their content. Twitter is not a platform to spark rivalry. Competitors often interact with each other and communicate through social media. Twitter allows an inside look at what your competitors are doing.


People are on Twitter at all times of the day, so it’s important for you to be tweeting at different times. The time of day you tweet and the content you post don’t need to be consistent, and not everything needs to be about sales or the industry. Share an inspiring quote or a cool picture. Twitter is a platform for businesses to be causal and show off their personalities, so make sure your agency’s personality is on display. What does need to be consistent is your activity. Keep posting and keep interacting daily. You won’t have to try to outsmart any algorithms if you have a good relationship with your followers.

It is important to have a Twitter because many people use only that social media platform. You’ll miss an entire market if you eliminate Twitter as one of your social feeds. It’s a great platform for businesses of all types. Keep these 3 tips in mind, and you’ll see your account start to grow! Give us a follow on our Twitter @MiniCoInsurance.

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