Hashtags for Insurance Businesses on Instagram

Hashtags are some of the easiest and quickest ways to build discovery on Instagram. As a business, you will have to dive into the types of tags that may yield the most discovery of your branding. Spend some time searching around and see what your competitors are using, and what some of your current clients are tagging in their postings.

Once you have compiled a list, you can search for the tags on Instagram and follow your favorite tags for yourself. Unlike following a person, tags will appear sporadically in your feed. Not all posts tagged will be displayed – just highlights of content that Instagram thinks may interest you.

If you don’t have a very large list or are unsure of what to follow, look for tags related to your business in some way. These could be conferences or conventions that you frequently attend or events that many of your local clients will be attending. Also consider following a charity that you may already sponsor to keep your eye on the type of content they are posting, the tags they are using, etc.

Following tags will help you identify what success looks like for postings with those particular tags. It also allows you to be aware of what content is being produced and creating engagement.

If you run your own branded hashtags, monitoring them is a must. You’ll want to closely analyze to see if there is any user-generated content being circulated using your tag and interact with the audience participating in those posts.

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