Holiday Agent Survival: Working During the Holidays

The holidays are only days away, but that doesn’t mean the work week is done for everyone. Keeping agents motivated and engaged during this busy time of year can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are still are a few things you can do to keep your team engaged and ready for the upcoming year.

Reward High Performance

This is the perfect month to bring out rewards for high-performing agents, or even agents who have perfect attendance. You want to reward those agents who are cold calling and doing their best to land a client or those who are making sure all their holiday cards ushering in the New Year are getting in the mail on time.

Set Goals and Review the Last Year

If you have worked with your team long enough, chances are you set goals the previous year. Instead of waiting until the first of the year to have a look at them, it’s time to start reviewing now so you can hit the ground running in January.

Once you’ve reviewed the goals have a team meeting and set some goals for 2017. Pump up everyone for the coming year. By the end of the meeting, everyone should feel like they are not only helping the team’s goals but that each of them has their own personal goals to strive for.

While you’re reviewing and goal setting, open the floor to any suggestions on how to make the work place more enjoyable for your team. Write down everything that’s said, and evaluate each idea.

Team Building

Instead of opting for a white elephant exchange this year, try to get everyone together for some team building. There are many activities or games you and your team can play. This is the perfect time for coming together to grow as a team before you return to the office after the holidays.

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