How to Take Your Next Meeting To-Go

Hold a Successful Virtual Meeting

Insurance agencies are filled with busy agents who are always on the go. Sooner or later, you may be involved in or even host a virtual meeting. It’s not so different from a traditional meeting. Here’s how to run a virtual meeting smoothly.


  • 4G and Wi-Fi networks
  • Natural light
  • Mic and headphones

Cellphones and Bluetooth devices have made on-the-go meetings simple. The recent growth of 4G networks and accessible Wi-Fi has simplified the ability to host reliable virtual video meetings. There’s no point in doing a video call if the other users can’t see you. Find a natural light source such as a nearby window or a shaded area outside. You won’t be squinting, and viewers will be able to see you clearly. If you’re out in public, having a Bluetooth device or ear buds with a mic will improve the quality of sound and drown out background noises.


  • Ask about life
  • Updates on work progress

How often do you meet with the people to whom you are speaking? Start the meeting off by saying hello to everyone and asking about how they are doing. It is easy to feel disconnected to work employees that you don’t see on a regular basis. Make sure everyone gets a chance to talk and give an update about their life and what they are currently working on.

Just a Normal Meeting

  • Traditional meeting
  • Updates
  • Progress
  • Next steps

Once you have your setup and you’ve initiated the meeting, everything else runs similarly to a traditional meeting. Talk about goals, progress, project status, and what is new. End by wrapping things up.

If your video connection goes bad during the meeting, there’s always a way to shut off the video and continue the meeting as a regular audio call. Take advantage of technology so that you don’t have to always be glued to a desk or even a computer.

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