Hot Tips on Retaining New Insurance Agents

Retaining New Insurance Agents

The first few days of an insurance agent’s employment at your agency are very important both for them and for the agency. If the first few days go poorly, the rest may follow suit. Here are a few ways to help ensure a good onboarding process that will help your insurance agency retain new agents.

Buddy System

  • Information resource
  • Build relationships
  • Help with small tasks

Assign someone to help the new insurance agent understand the policies and products your agency offers. This person can help provide the new agent with a history of the agency and act as a guide to getting to know other employees. Having a go-to person can help open doors for new employees. This gives them someone to turn to with questions without always going to the supervisor. A new agent’s buddy can remind them of co-workers’ names, help them understand department responsibilities, and direct them to the vending machines. It is important to make sure the relationship doesn’t turn into a crutch for the new hire or a time-consuming burden for the buddy. Everyone still needs to get their own work done. The buddy system can help new agents feel like they have a friend or someone they know at the new agency.

Weekly Meetings

  • Open communication
  • Build trust
  • Encouragement

Building trust with an employer can be a difficult task, especially if the onboarding process doesn’t go smoothly. Make it a habit to meet with new employees on a weekly basis. This gives them regular opportunities to address any insecurity they may be feeling with their assigned tasks or other issues. Encouraging open communication at the beginning of the employment period can make it easier for employees to come to the manager in the future. Keeping track of a new employee’s progress within a new job can help boost that employee’s confidence and productivity.

There is a lot that can go into the onboarding process of a new employee. Providing them with the resources they need to feel comfortable with the agency and their coworkers is essential for their success in the long run.





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